We have implemented proper Covid-19 procedures following the regulations from the authorities. We take good care of each other. The teacher will guide you while at YC.

  1. Pay attention to your behavior and habits during class observing good hygiene: keep distance from fellow students, sneeze and cough in your elbow or tissue, and use hand sanitiser.

  2. Resist touching your face.

  3. Put used blankets, blocks, belt, ropes in the USED areas for used props (see signs).

  4. For Studio 2 bolsters: please put a cover on and take it off after the class

  5. Wipe your yoga chair off with the spray solution provided before putting it back.

  6. Please ask the teacher about any concerns you may have.

Before coming to class please observe the following:

  1. Stay at home if you have any symptoms, been at risk or been asked to self-quarantine

  2. Wear a face mask to and from the changing area, hence in and out of YC. Not on the mat.

  3. Arrive just in time for class.

  4. Present you Covid-passport to the teacher when arriving

  5. Wait in line (even outside if needed) if the changing areas are too busy

  6. Bring your own mat until further notice.

  7. We are selling new mats for two punches. (Max one per person). Talk to the teacher before class if you want to buy one. Limited supply.

  8. You are welcome to bring own props, but we do provide limited amounts of props for use.

  9. Use hand sanitiser when entering or wash your hands right away before entering the yoga studio itself.

  10. Leave right after class to allow room and fresh air for the next class.

>> Also, read the information from the authorities.

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